Things Are Alive 27

Night and Day

Finally, my first drawing in Cushendall is finished! We had trouble finding a functioning scanner, so yesterday, Vincent at Glens Computers kindly photographed my drawing. Today the library is open and Charlotte the librarian scanned it for me. Thanks to both! Thanks as well to The Glens Hotel for graciously allowing us to use their internet.

I drew the part in the large circle as I sat on the bench by the niche of the tower. The drawing in the medium circle was done from the window of the living room, which is on the third floor. As I drew I recalled the scene from the night before, when I woke up to shouting and witnessed some fighting on the street in front of The Central Bar. Crows watch the scene from their perches in what I call the “chimney pot world.” In the tradition expounded by the Native American medicine cards, Crow is said to embody Sacred Law.

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