Remaining Connected to Love.

We are most alive when we are in Love with the all of Life. The more we remain connected to that Love, the more we honor the deepest and most sacred space within ourselves. The more we honor our Higher Self, the more We know God in all of Life. The more We know God, the more we begin to understand that we are, in fact, one with God… We are One with every breath of the universe.

As we continue to awaken from our slumber, our vision becomes clearer and brighter. Our spirit’s eye is opening to the truth. We can now feel this clarity of Love pulsating through every atomic speck of every living being, organism, and cell of a new reality. We are able to see it, gently wrapping itself, threading itself around and through our very DNA…reconnecting us, reuniting us, stitching us back together one strand at a time.

Love IS the miracle cure that has the power to heal ALL ailments (both spiritual and physical), and it is the one thing that bonds us, because it is the one thing that every single soul on this planet aches to know completely. It is what pushes us and what drives us. It is what we are here for: It is our purpose and our destiny.

Love is the salve that closes every wound and kisses every scar. Love is the magic that will transform our every perception on this journey. Love is the path that leads us to the treasures that we seek in Life. Love is the rhythm of every heart. Love is an overflowing fountain of peace and of joy that springs from within and quenches the thirst of our parched soul. We need not go anywhere else to drink. We are blessed with an abundance, at all times, right here and right now.

Love is always the answer if we choose it above all else in every moment. Gratitude is the key to staying centered in the solution of Love. Let Us be grateful for everything, as we are locked into the knowing that all is for our highest good. There is nothing else we need except to be truly, madly, deeply in Love. Life really is THAT simple! ALL is Love, and Love is ALL!

Author: Christy Noel Fedderson