Breath and tides.

Sunrise at Edisto Beach, SC (5.25.14)
Sunrise at Edisto Beach, SC (5.25.14)

Make your breath long and deep like the tides,*
a natural pause as the breath flows out,
a natural pause as you draw air in.
No thinking.
As the tide rolls in and out…
your breath in the rhythm of the sea,
the life force naturally surging within.

— Alberto Villoldo

* I would say, “Allow your breath to become long and deep like the tides.”

Unity with Mother Nature


Edisto Beach, SC, 5.26.14
Edisto Beach, SC, 5.26.14

This morning I awoke to the invitation to allow a scene from Mother Nature to be painted inside me. I discovered I needed to become liquid, like watercolor, for this to happen. There seemed to be a particular spot, or painting, wanting to paint itself within me. There was an accompanying scent, as of an essential oil. It seems that I am in a healing, mending, and awakening mode which requires me to enter a fluid state that is receptive to Nature’s bounty.

For some time I have felt that my goal is to paint myself and Nature into a seamless unity, so it is relieving to have this experience.

I heard the words, “It’s all inside. Own everything. Choose what you wish to have inside.”