What does it mean to be indigenous?

Susitna sunset-- 10:38 pm, 7.31.15, Anchorage, Ak
Susitna sunset– 10:38 pm, 7.31.15, Anchorage, Ak

The core of indigeneity is to be actually from a place, to be of a place, to belong to a place. It is for one’s identity to draw from deep relationships to community, ancestors, plants, animals, and the land. It is to be embedded and inseparable, not just as a concept, but as an ongoing experience lived through ceremonies, social relationships, and technologies of giving and receiving to the other beings of nature, both visible and unseen. It is to be at home again, not in a home-as-box, but at home in the world.

Charles Eisenstein


Even Bees Pause-- 7.25.15, Anchorage, Ak
Even Bees Pause– 7.25.15, Anchorage, Ak

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to be relaxed. Why do we always try to run and run, even while having our breakfast, while having our lunch, while walking, while sitting? There’s something pushing and pulling us all the time. We make ourselves busy in the hopes of having happiness in the future. In the sutra “Knowing the Better Way to Live Alone,” the Buddha said clearly, “Don’t get caught in the past, because the past is gone. Don’t get upset about the future, because the future is not yet here. There is only one moment for you to be alive, and that is the present moment. Go back to the present moment and live this moment deeply, and you’ll be free.”

How do we liberate ourselves in order to really be in the here and the now? Buddhist meditation offers the practice of stopping. Stopping is very important, because we’ve been running all our lives, and also in our previous lives. Our ancestors, our grandfather, our grandmother were running, and now they continue to run in us. If we don’t practice, our children will carry us in them and continue to run in the future.

– Thich Nhat Hanh, in “The Moment is Perfect”.

New Moon– August 14, 2015

New Moon fire-- 10:38 pm, 8.14.15, Hope, Ak
New Moon fire– 10:38 pm, 8.14.15, Hope, Ak
The shamans believe that long ago, in the invisible world,
the blueprint of creation was drawn. Chaos was returned to order,
into the cosmos, through the actions of Earthkeepers who were
able to dream new worlds into being.

—Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.