Being proactive.

Tree alliance-- Mesa and Cottonwood, 11.3.15, Ojo Caliente, NM
Tree alliance– Mesa and Cottonwood, 11.3.15, Ojo Caliente, NM


My gift to the world is my knowledge, my empathy, and my sense of Oneness. I embody the blueprints of eternity within me. I carry the knowledge of all times and places to ever exist, and know them through their resonance within me. My mission is to process this knowing into the outer world, to integrate my consciousness through this lifetime and shine it through every moment, to birth my consciousness into the world and influence human evolution in directions that have never yet been explored. I am courageous in this journey and hold the place of knowing and truth in my being as I explore new, heart-centered ways to be. As I walk the walk, I manifest. What I manifest is my choice, in this and every moment.
–Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone