The healing elixir within.

From Woman of Nature–

The healing elixir exists within the poison.

Your issues, your trauma, your pain can set you free.
You need to pay attention to the message it brings
Let its voice be spoken and seen by you
Do not rush
Love what arises
In this motion you love yourself unconditionally

(Thanks to Jenny Norris)

Calling on the ancestors and the net of light.

Call forth the Ancestors

“What we are about to say is very important,” the Great Council of the Grandmothers dictated, “and only certain ones will be able to listen. Only certain ones will act on it and go on to do the work we are laying out. You know who you are,” they gestured, “and it is to you that we are speaking.

“Whenever you come together to meditate, pray, and amplify the presence of love on earth, first call on us or on any form of the Divine. Also call on the Net of Light. Then,” they paused for emphasis, “call forth the ancestors. Call the ancestors of your family line, the ancestors of the land where you were born and where you live. Call the ancestors everywhere on earth. You may think of them as ‘Ancestors of the light’. Simply think of their Higher Consciousness and invite this enlightened aspect of them to participate in the bond of love the Net of Light provides.

“As soon as anyone calls on the Net of Light, they feel its support, and this is as true for the ancestors as it is for you. They too will warm to the Net of Light’s embrace, and as they connect to this magnificent construct, they will be able to assist the Net in holding and lifting life on earth. It is because of you that the ancestors will have this chance to take part in blessing this planet.”

….The power of this blessing will wrap the earth in a blanket of forgiveness. Heaviness of every kind will lift. Ancient enmities will collapse, tribal hatreds will disperse. Racism, sexism and prejudice will no longer have a place to call home. And the term, ‘stranger,’” they smiled, “will become obsolete.” I sobbed as I listened and after I’d done that for a while, I began to laugh. “Grandmothers, I said, “how wonderful you are. How completely wonderful you are.”

“Yes, they said, seeming to agree with me, “and you too are wonderful. This that we are asking of you is wonderful work and all will be struck by the wonder of it.”

Ch. 12, p. 160-161, Casting the Net, Sharon McErlane

Re-creating a sense of belonging to the land.

Because most of us have been orphaned from our ancestral land and the ways of our people, we suffer with the restlessness and ache of not-belonging. Instead of trying to regain what has been lost, Martín Prechtel teaches that we must learn to live in the way our ancestors lived; in reverence and indebtedness to the Holy in Nature.

One powerful practice is to create a place in your home where you know the origins of everything. Not just where a thing came from, but who made it and with what skills, and at what cost to its roots. This Place of Origin may be small and sparse at first, but you add to it over time and, when the young ones come up around you, you tell the stories that you’ve collected in the hopes that one day, where you stayed put becomes a place of Belonging again.

— Dreamwork with Toko-pa