Ring of Trees

The ring of four birches and one spruce is in our neighbor’s yard. We have a large picture window, and this ring of trees forms our view to the north. There is a reason I wanted to include this photo. Several years ago a couple lived in the downstairs unit with their young child; the woman was from Ireland. She told me that she never went into that ring and that she kept her child out of it at all costs. I thought that was interesting and a bit quaint when she told me. However, after reading over half of Eddie Lenihan’s book about the Good People, there is no way I would go inside of it. Maybe it’s innocuous ground, but maybe not.

[Edit Apr. 9, 2011: The following is a traditional Irish tune composed by Vincent Broderick called Around the Fairy Fort, played on the flute by Ben Saylor.]

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Things Are Alive 5

An Evening in the Kitchen

On this morning I was paying particular attention to the things in my house. I see that each object is here because I/we chose to bring it here. Each object imported involved decision-making, time, and energy as well as financial expenditure. I have invested quite a lot of energy and attention in making these things a part of my life! It occurred to me that the surroundings we create for ourselves– our personal landscape–  does have something to say about us, and it tells us who we are over and over again, influencing how we move, what we think about, and who we tell ourselves we are.