Winter Solstice.

"Almost Winter Solstice" moon, Anchorage, 12.17.16
“Almost Winter Solstice” moon, Anchorage, 12.17.16

Sink down, sink down, sink deeper and more deep
Into eternal and primordial sleep.
Sink down, be still, forget and draw apart,
Sink into the inner earth’s most secret heart.
Drink of the waters of Persephone,
The secret well beside the sacred tree.
Waters of life and strength and inner light –
Eternal joy drawn from the depths of night.
Then rise, made strong, with life and hope renewed,
Reborn from darkness and from solitude…

—  “Dion Fortune,  The Sea Priestess   (Thank you, Mara Freeman)

“A Winter Blessing”

My Tree World, 12.12.16, Anchorage, Alaska
My Tree World, 12.12.16, Anchorage, Alaska



In the shadowed quiet of winter’s light
earth speaks softly
of her longing.

Because the wild places are in tears.
Come, she cries to us.

Kneel down here
on the frosty grass ,
and feel the prayer buried in the ground.

Bend your ear to my heart
and listen hard.

Love this world, she whispers.
Distill peace from the snow
and water the cities
with mercy.
Weave wonder from the forest
and clothe grief
with beauty.
Rest in the rhythm of the turning year,
Trace the bending arc
Rounding the curve toward justice.
And vow anew to do no harm.

The winter trees stand watch
haloed in the last gleams of the slanting sun.

Glory sings here.
Heaven echoes the call:
Repeat the sounding joy.

Make your life an answer…

~ Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker