Art in the Making:Entering the Void with the Eyes Open 13

Potted Plants Wonder "Could there be fairies in the lawn?"

I spent a lot of time agonizing about starting this drawing. In my intellect, I know this is not productive. But there I was procrastinating day after day, letting other activities get in the way. Finally, the day came when I knew I would begin. I found myself having to do all sorts of little things before I could start, even after I had chosen what I would draw. I decided to draw from the porch. I needed a pillow, I needed my water. I needed my hat. I needed to do all sorts of little things I can’t recall now. I also jammed my face with chocolate chips and macademia nuts– I do nibble, but this was a real face jammer! I will reserve commenting any more on my approach to this drawing…

… except to say that what made a huge difference in my getting down to it was this quote:

The question is not what you look at, but what you see.   — Henry David Thoreau

What I took from that was I didn’t have to find just the right place or thing to draw.  I just needed to be present to myself and my surroundings. I need to remember this, to cut through one of the procrastination techniques to drawing!

I had determined I would draw the potted plant on the front porch and the yard beyond. I didn’t know what would happen. It was scary. I didn’t know what would happen out there beyond the plant. I am petrified I will draw something cutesy from my imagination. But those little beings just had to be seen. Tiny stroke by tiny stroke they came onto the page. All I can say is, it feels right.

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